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You Can Do It

HGTV Can CraftsWhat do a bird feeder, night light, hanging planter, and candle holder have in common?  They can all start out as clutter and end as clever crafts.  HGTV’s ‘12 Decorative Ways to Upcycle Tin Cans‘ gives you easy tips for twelve projects, including the four just mentioned, using tin cans that may be lying around your garage.  Perhaps not as glamorous as some of the items featured on Flea Market Flip, these cans can still be turned into some uncanny projects.

But Wait, There’s More

From a site where Creating Really Awesome fun Things is what it’s all about, you can access 49 suggestions for tin can make-overs.  Of the ones I looked at, my favorite is the Tin Can Christmas Tree, and the hanging Snowman is pretty cool too.  You can also head on over to Red TED Art, where Maggy Woodley has compiled 35 tin can crafts.  And if that’s not enough thought provoking ideas for you, check out this search of ‘crafts with tin cans‘.

Can you guess the point I’m trying to make?  Clutter can become something cute, charming, or clever, and be worth keeping.  A project I’m dreaming about is turning an old waterbed frame in my garage into showcases for my photographic art, but that’s a post for another time.