A Quick Fill-up

If clutter itself wasn’t enough of a problem, how to get rid of it can compound the matter so rather than give you 101 ways to declutter your life, here’s one that should be fairly easy to implement and may yield big results.  “Create a small space for things to be donated and recycled and clear it out as soon as it gets full.”

So says Jonathan Hatch, writing for Get Rid of Things.com and it makes great sense to me.  We keep our trash in one of three color coded cans (brown-garbage; blue-recycle; green-yard waste) and put it out on the street once a week for pick-up.  It doesn’t pile up, the garbage is organized, and we see regular clean-up progress.  And that’s really what Jonathan’s idea is about.

Find a small space in your home.  Maybe you’ll select a shelf in the garage, one part of a small closet, or some other miscellaneous area.  The key is keep it small…don’t select that extra bedroom you’re hoping to turn into an office or it may become a clutter jungle.

Empty the space when it become full.  That’s step two in the plan and perhaps more important than keeping the space small.  If you don’t clear it out, you’ll locate another space, and another, and…you get the picture.  We donate most items to our local Goodwill but choose the organization that works  best for you.  If you like the idea of Goodwill but don’t know where a drop off location is, visit their home page and at the top of the page, click “Donation Site” and enter your zip code or city and state.

What you don’t have to do is stay chained to your clutter another day.  Taking small but sure steps, like creating a donation storage space and emptying it regularly, can put you on the path to victory.

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